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How Airbook Ensures the Security of Your Credentials

At Airbook, safeguarding your sensitive information is paramount. This includes everything from passwords and SSH private keys to connection strings and OAuth tokens. To achieve this, we store these credentials in an encrypted format within our database. The encryption process utilizes a specialized key that is strictly confined to our essential production servers, providing an additional layer of security. This method ensures that your most sensitive information is not just stored securely, but also remains inaccessible to any unauthorized entities.

Understanding Airbook's Access to your Data

SQL Databases

In order to fetch data from your databases, our servers are equipped to execute queries. The data retrieved from these queries is then temporarily housed in our databases to enable you to view and analyze the results. However, the sanctity of your data is a top priority for us. We operate on a strict policy of non-interference with your data without receiving your explicit, prior consent. This permission is sought on an individual case basis, primarily in situations where you need our assistance, such as for troubleshooting or debugging purposes.

Business Apps & Connectors

For connections outside of databases, Airbook utilizes the services of Fivetran, a leading technology solution. Fivetran effectively syncs your data sources to a dedicated data warehouse under our management. Access to this data warehouse is stringently regulated, ensuring only the necessary production servers have entry. To guarantee the utmost security and segregation of your data, we use distinct credentials for each data source and for each customer. This approach ensures that your data is not only secure but also kept separate from other customers' data, maintaining its integrity and confidentiality.

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