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Airbook offers a suite of plug-and-play marketing templates designed to address specific use cases across the marketing analytics spectrum. These templates come with pre-baked SQL queries, allowing users to plug in their integrations, optimize the SQL, and instantly derive insights. This guide introduces you to some of the key marketing templates available in Airbook.

Top Sales Templates

Sales Trend Analysis

  • Category: Sales Analysis

  • Description: Dive into sales trend analysis using sales and inventory data. Understand sales performance over time, spotlight top-performing products, and keep an eye on inventory levels. Perfect for optimizing inventory management and refining sales forecasting.

  • Data Sources: Google Sheets, Shopify

Sales Territory Optimization

  • Category: Sales Analysis

  • Description: A comprehensive framework for dissecting sales performance across territories. Identify top territories, delve into sales activities, and grasp customer behaviors. Ideal for refining sales strategies and boosting revenue growth.

  • Data Sources: BigQuery, Salesforce

Sales Pipeline Analysis

  • Category: Sales Analysis

  • Description: A deep dive into the sales pipeline of a B2B SaaS company. Examine opportunities at each pipeline stage, average deal sizes, and win rates. Also, explore the duration for opportunities to transition through the pipeline and pinpoint bottlenecks.

  • Data Sources: Salesforce

More templates here- https://app.airbook.io/templates

How to Use the Templates

  1. Access the Template: Click on the provided link for the desired template.

  2. Duplicate the Template: Click 'Duplicate' to copy this template to your Airbook workspace.

  3. Plug in Your Integration: Connect your data sources, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, etc.

  4. Optimize the SQL: If necessary, make adjustments to the pre-baked SQL queries to better suit your data structure or specific needs.

  5. Run the Template: Execute the queries to instantly derive insights and visualizations.

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