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Airbook offers a suite of plug-and-play marketing templates designed to address specific use cases across the marketing analytics spectrum. These templates come with pre-baked SQL queries, allowing users to plug in their integrations, optimize the SQL, and instantly derive insights. This guide introduces you to some of the key marketing templates available in Airbook.

Top Product Analytics Templates

User Retention Analysis

  • Category: Product Analytics

  • Description: Dive deep into user retention with product usage data. Understand churn, pinpoint retention rates, and explore factors influencing user retention. Perfect for enhancing user engagement and crafting strategies for long-term loyalty.

  • Data Sources: BigQuery

User Funnel Analysis

  • Category: Product Analytics

  • Description: Analyze the user funnel with product usage data. Grasp user behavior, identify drop-off points, and optimize the user journey for improved conversion rates. Ideal for boosting product adoption and user retention.

  • Data Sources: BigQuery

Product Mix Optimization

  • Category: Product Analytics

  • Description: Delve into product mix optimization using sales data and customer feedback. Analyze sales data to spotlight top-selling products, understand customer needs, and identify product mix improvement opportunities. Perfect for optimizing the product mix and enhancing overall sales.

  • Data Sources: Salesforce, Zendesk

Product Feature Usage Analytics

  • Category: Product Analytics

  • Description: Explore product feature usage with user activity data. Understand which features are most utilized, identify the most engaged user segments, and explore the relationship between feature usage and user retention.

  • Data Sources: PostgreSQL

Product Usage Analytics

  • Category: Product Analytics

  • Description: This template offers sample SQL queries for a deep dive into how customers interact with your product. Identify popular features, underutilized ones, and potential areas of improvement. By analyzing usage data, gain invaluable insights into customer-product interactions.

  • Data Sources: BigQuery, MixPanel

Product Feature Prioritization Analysis

  • Category: Product Analytics

  • Description: A comprehensive guide to product feature prioritization. Understand the significance of prioritizing product features and the associated process. The guide offers a detailed SQL walkthrough for product feature prioritization, including calculations for impact, effort, and feature scores.

  • Data Sources: Google Analytics, Intercom, SurveyMonkey

More templates here- https://app.airbook.io/templates

How to Use the Templates

  1. Access the Template: Click on the provided link for the desired template.

  2. Duplicate the Template: Click 'Duplicate' to copy this template to your Airbook workspace.

  3. Plug in Your Integration: Connect your data sources, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, etc.

  4. Optimize the SQL: If necessary, make adjustments to the pre-baked SQL queries to better suit your data structure or specific needs.

  5. Run the Template: Execute the queries to instantly derive insights and visualizations.

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