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Airbook offers a suite of plug-and-play marketing templates designed to address specific use cases across the marketing analytics spectrum. These templates come with pre-baked SQL queries, allowing users to plug in their integrations, optimize the SQL, and instantly derive insights. This guide introduces you to some of the key marketing templates available in Airbook.

Top Financial Analytics Templates

Revenue Retention Analysis

  • Category: Financial Analytics

  • Description: Dive deep into revenue retention with financial data. Understand customer churn, measure revenue retention rates, and pinpoint factors impacting revenue retention. Ideal for financial analysts aiming to optimize revenue and bolster customer loyalty.

Customer Acquisition Cost Analysis

  • Category: Financial Analytics

  • Description: Analyze customer acquisition costs using marketing, sales, and billing tables. Identify high-revenue marketing channels, analyze cost per acquisition by channel, and gauge the ROI of each. Perfect for optimizing marketing spend and refining customer acquisition.

Customer Lifetime Value Analysis

  • Category: Financial Analytics

  • Description: A comprehensive guide to Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) analysis. Understand the significance of CLV, its calculation process, and its application for informed business decisions. The guide offers an in-depth SQL walkthrough for CLV analysis, including average purchase value, frequency rate, customer value, and lifespan calculations.

Pricing Strategy Analysis

  • Category: Financial Analytics

  • Description: Delve into pricing strategy analysis. Understand the importance of a robust pricing strategy, its analysis process, and its application for informed pricing decisions. The guide provides a detailed SQL walkthrough for pricing strategy analysis, including price elasticity of demand calculations, impact of price changes on sales, and pricing optimization for revenue and profit maximization.

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) Analysis

  • Category: Financial Analytics

  • Description: Focus on ARPU analysis using customer and revenue data. Calculate ARPU, analyze revenue trends, and identify ARPU influencers. Aim for a deeper understanding of revenue generation, refined pricing strategies, and maximized profitability.

More templates here- https://app.airbook.io/templates

How to Use the Templates

  1. Access the Template: Click on the provided link for the desired template.

  2. Duplicate the Template: Click 'Duplicate' to copy this template to your Airbook workspace.

  3. Plug in Your Integration: Connect your data sources, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, etc.

  4. Optimize the SQL: If necessary, make adjustments to the pre-baked SQL queries to better suit your data structure or specific needs.

  5. Run the Template: Execute the queries to instantly derive insights and visualizations.

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