🔺How to create a Project?

A project is a collection of your analyses.

Creating a new project​

There are two options for creating a new project.

Select the New project button from the left sidebar to create a Project.

Create a project from left side bar​

By default, projects will be called 'Untitled Project' - From here, you may name the project as per your need.

For example - if you have specific analyses done for various departments or use cases. Let's say one for Sales, Marketing & Product. You can create separate projects for each have specific analysis in the form of Airbooks under each project.

Create a project from the Home Page

As a part of the onboarding process, you will find the 'Create Project' card on the Home Page.

Clicking on this will automatically create an 'Untitled Project' & an 'Untitled Airbook' for you. From here, you can rename your Project and Airbook as per your need.

Project Options

Upon clicking on the three dots on the Project, you will be presented with two options

  • Delete- This will delete your projects as well as all the Airbooks under the project

  • Rename- This will let you rename your project

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