🔺How to connect?

A simple point to click method to connect to your favourite data source instantly.

Setting Up a Connector

  1. Navigate to the "Connections" panel on the left side bar.

  2. Click on '+Add a connection' to see a list of available connectors.

  3. Browse or search for the desired data source.

  4. Click on the connector and follow the on-screen instructions to establish a connection.

  5. Once connected, data from the source will be readily available for use within Airbook.

(Note- Please give it a few seconds to load and process your data)

If you have already connected to data sources, you will see them both on the left side bar as well as on the connectors page.

Managing and Customizing Connectors

  • Data Sync Frequency (coming soon): Determine how often Airbook should fetch updates from the connected source- Daily, Weekly, Monthly and more.

  • Connection Health: Monitor the status of your connectors and receive notifications for any disruptions.

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