The mention feature in Airbook is a powerful tool for enhancing collaboration and ensuring effective communication within your team.

Collaboration is enhanced when team members can directly communicate and draw attention to specific content within Airbook. The mention feature, using the '@' symbol, allows users to notify and involve their colleagues directly within any block.

Mentioning a Team Member

  1. Navigate to the block where you want to mention a team member.

  2. Type the '@' symbol. As you do this, a dropdown list will appear, displaying all the invited members of your Airbook workspace.

  3. Click on the name of the team member from the dropdown list to mention them. Their name will be highlighted, indicating that they've been successfully mentioned.

What Happens When You Mention Someone?

  • Notification: The mentioned team member will receive a notification, alerting them of the mention. This ensures they are promptly informed and can take necessary action or respond.

  • Contextual Reference: The mention provides a direct link to the specific block where the mention occurred, allowing the team member to quickly navigate to the relevant content.

Best Practices for Mentioning

  • Clarity: When mentioning someone, add a brief note or comment explaining the reason for the mention. This provides context and clarity.

  • Avoid Overuse: Use mentions judiciously. Mentioning someone too frequently can lead to notification fatigue.

  • Collaborative Feedback: Use mentions to seek feedback, ask questions, or collaborate on specific content within Airbook.

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