Airbook provides a versatile charting tool that allows users to transform their data into meaningful visual representations.

Creating charts from SQL blocks

Visualizing Query Results

After executing an SQL query, you can instantly visualize the results:

  1. Run your desired SQL query within the SQL block.

  2. Once the results are displayed, click on the "Chart" icon.

  3. Choose the chart type (Bar, Line, or Area) that best represents your data.

Customizing the Chart (Coming soon)

  • Data Series: Select which columns from your query results should be represented on the chart.

  • Chart Title: Add a descriptive title for clarity.

  • Axis Labels: Label your X and Y axes for better understanding.

Using the chart block

Initiating the Chart Block

  1. Click on the desired location in your document.

  2. Type / to initiate the slash menu.

  3. From the dropdown menu, select the "Chart" option.

A chart composer will appear.

Selecting Data for Visualization

  1. Click on the "Select Table" dropdown within the Chart block.

  2. Choose from the list of available tables in Airbook.

  3. Once your data is loaded, select the chart type (Bar, Line, or Area) from the options.

Chart types and their Uses

  • Bar Chart: Ideal for comparing discrete data or showing data changes over a short period.

  • Line Chart: Best for visualizing data trends over a period of time.

  • Area Chart: Useful for showing cumulative data or representing quantities through different segments.

Tips for Effective Charting

  • Data Filtering: Before visualizing, ensure your data is filtered to show only relevant information.

  • Consistent Color Schemes: Use consistent colors for the same data points across multiple charts.

  • Interactive Exploration: Hover over different parts of the chart to get detailed data insights.

Charts in Airbook offer a dynamic way to represent and understand your data. Whether you're deriving charts from SQL queries or directly visualizing tables, Airbook's charting tools ensure your data tells a clear and compelling story.

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